Ford Fiesta Accessories

Fiesta Accessories

Rear Skirt (5dr) without parking sensor

Rear Skirt (5DR) without parking sensor

Function: Rear Skirt (5DR) without parking sensor.
Part number: AMC1BJ17F884AAXWAA
Description: Designed to provide a smooth drive by keeping the vehicle balanced and closer to the ground. The stylish rear bumper skirt offers the already striking and sporty look. (European import)

SRP:Php 13,393

Fiesta Rear Spoiler (4DR)

Rear Spoiler (4DR)

Part Number: BE8Z5444210AA
Features: Model Applicable: All 4DRs
Description: Manufactured to precise original equipment specifications.
Available primed (ready to paint).
Dealer installation recommended.

SRP:Php 10,889

Fiesta Splash Guard (FR/RR)

Splash Guard (FR/RR)

Part Number: AM8A6J16G574AA (FR)
Model Applicable: All
Description: Deflect mud from lower body panels. Contoured design complements vehicle lines and gives excellent protection. Heavy-duty black plastic construction resists cracking. Vehicle Notes: For 4/5DR vehicles Not For Use With ST

SRP: Php 783 (each)

Fiesta Weathershield


Part Number: AM9A6J215A02AB (4DR)
AM8A6J215A02AB (5DR)
Model Applicable: All
Description: Allows vehicle ventilation during rain as windows can be slightly open.
Durable and resistant to UV rays and wear.

SRP: Php 2,645 (4DR)
Php 3,002 (5DR)


Radiator Grille Sport

Part Number: C1BJ17B968AA: Upper Grille
C1BJ17K945AA: Lower Grille
Model Applicable: All
Description: Enhances the vehicle's impressive presence and reduces the amount of air entering the engine compartment. It also helps improve fuel efficiency and the vehicle's aerodynamics (European import)

SRP: Upper Grille- Php 8,693
Lower Grille- Php 10,826

Fiesta Air deflector

Air Deflector

Part Number C1BJ17F017AA
Model Applicable: All
Description: Designed to help enhance the vehicle's aerodynamics.

SRP: Php 5,560

Fiesta Spoiler Rear Roof (5DR)

Spoiler Rear Roof (5DR)

Part Number: AA6944210ABXUAA (spoiler)
8A6117K605FG (hose)
8A6113A613BE (lamp hi-stop)
Description: For sporty good looks and a factory-fresh appearance, add a spoiler to the Rear Roof of your Fiesta. Available primed (ready to paint). Dealer installation recommended.
For use with 5DR only.

SRP: sold separately consistencies

Fiesta 16 inch alloy wheel (7 spoke)

16 inch Alloy Wheel (7 spoke)

Part Number: AA6J1007AB
Model Applicable: All
Description: Designed in Europe to enhance the look of the vehicle
Made from high grade alloy for superior strength
Rigorously tested to meet stringent Ford engineering standards
Wheels and tires sold separately.
Recommended to use with 195/50R16 tires.

SRP: Php 14,351

Fog Lamp Cover Sport

Fog Lamp Cover Sport

Part Number: C1BJ15A222AA
Model Applicable: All
Description: Give your vehicle a sportier Ford lamp profile. Designed to enhance your vehicle’s exterior styling, matched with Radiator Grille sport, our parts are designed and engineered to fit your Ford perfectly and go through strict quality controls.

SRP: Php 3,370

Fiesta Short Antenna

Fiesta Short Antenna

Part Number: EG2366A30
Model Applicable: All
Description: Enhance a sporty look with this short antenna.

SRP: Php 660

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